• Selling a home in Northwest Arkansas can seem simple enough.
  • oBefore you do though

    It’s important to know why you want to sell

  • Your first instinct is to say
  • oWell, money is my reason for selling.

    oThat is a reason

    Most of the time though

    Money is not at the heart of why you want to sell.

    oIn my time as a REALTOR

    I’ve seen many reasons and most of them are based on our emotions and our dreams.

  • Grandparents want to move closer to their grandkids
  • oNot the kids

    Once the grandkids come on the scene,

    oThe kids are only there to gain access to the grandkids

  • A job opportunity in a different market
  • Your family has grown and you need to upsize
  • oOr

  • Your kids have gone off to college and you want to downsize
  • oThere are times though

    When financially you need a break

  • And selling your home is the best option to the break
  • oYour motivation is important to me

    I take great pleasure in helping home sellers get to your dream

  • Why don’t we make a time to talk about your dream
  • oDo you want a new home for your growing family?

    oDo you want to be closer to your grand babies

    oDo you want to take advantage of that amazing job offer

    oI look forward to seeing your American dream come true!

    Rogers, AR is a great place to call home as well as

    Bentonville is a great place to visit with lots of attractions.

    Centerterton is a growing community that is an easy commute to Walmart Headquarters.

    Bella Vista is where you want to be if you love golf, boating, fishing, or being close to it all but just far enough away to be a little private.

    Connect with me and Let’s see your Dream of Home Ownership come true!