Home Buying Process in Northwest Arkansas – Step 3, The Contract

  • Deciding on your home – Hi I’m Joshua Hagan, your realtor and
    • this is step 3 to the home buying process in Northwest Arkansas,
      • the contract
  • Once you’ve found your home
    • You and I we will see what a fair market price is before making an offer
    • We do this by looking at current active homes on the market and
      • View recent sold homes in the area you are buying
    • to contact your banker and obtain the pre-approval letter from them.
      • Be sure this letter is written in the exact amount of the purchase price that will be on the contract.
        • If it’s written for more
          • The seller will be more confident that you will accept a counter on the price
            • Since the bank says you can pay more
        • Likewise
          • Make sure it’s not written for less because
          • The seller may fear you are not going to be able to purchase at the amount you have on the contract and
            • Reject your offer
  • It’s important at this point
  • Now is your time to have fun
    • There going to be more to this process and…
      • That’s where my expertise will help
        • Because Your Dream of Home ownership
          • Is just a short negotiation away from being a reality

Video was done in Kerelaw Castle Subdivision in Bentonville, AR

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